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Coffee workshops: From the cherry to the cup

The coffee expert Alex Kunkel shows the transformation of green, grassy smelling coffee beans into a delicious drink and tells exciting stories about the cultural and economic history of coffee. He reports vividly on the arduous work of raising, harvesting and processing coffee to the raw coffee bean. The roaster knows all this from his visits to a coffee cooperative in Uganda. Finally, coffee is roasted and tasted directly.

For groups from 6 persons (duration approx. 2 hours) the price is 10 € per person.

Contact: Alex Kunkel Tel. 0201 - 58 85 50 E-Mail: info@derroester.de

Course offers with SCHOOL NATURE

The Biological Education Centre in Grugapark offers courses on the following topics. The offer is aimed at all types of schools from grade 8 onwards, including vocational schools.

Cocoa - Potion of the Gods

Children and adults love cocoa as chocolate or hot drink. Where does it grow? How does it get into the chocolate bar? How much work do children do?

Cotton - white gold

Where and how is the cotton plant cultivated? Under what working conditions does cotton become a finished textile product? What are the ecological consequences of our consumption?

Sugar - a sweet poison

Sugarbeet or Sugarcane? How much sugar should we consume? How is it grown, harvested and processed? Which ecological effects does sugar cultivation have and is Fair Trade sugar the better sugar?

Delicious, chic and sustainable

This course covers all four products and is offered especially for groups and classes of vocational education from the fields of agriculture, nutrition and supply management, economics and administration.

You can book the courses here:

School Nature, Grugapark Essen, Virchowstraße 167 a, (entrance Orangerie) 45147 Essen, Tel. 0201 - 88 83 124

E-mail: schule-natur@grugapark.essen.de


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